frequently asked questions

What is Personal Webmaster & why I need it?

Personal Webmaster is a unique service that lets you have your own dedicated webmaster to manage and update your website without any major cost.

Generally, the websites are designed but never get updated because you do not have a resource who can keep managing and updating the website on regular basis which makes your investment on website a waste. Additionally, you do not get any leads for your business through your website.

That is the reason we have designed this Personal Webmaster with an aim to help you keep your website up-to-date and grow your business through online leads.

How Personal Webmaster helps manage & update my website?

We assign a dedicated personal webmaster to your website which will be available over phone and email to you. These webmasters are website experts who not only know how to update the website but also what should be updated on the website with the right content keeping your business goals in mind.

She will be updating your website with the content which you can provide or she can work on the content related to your service and products which can help your visitors understand your business better and get converted as customers for you.

This is very easy process to keep your website updated. We have helped hundreds of small and medium businesses with this solution.

How can I signup for Personal Webmaster Services?

That is the easiest process :-) Just provide us with your website URL, your contact details to us and we will assign a personal webmaster for your website. We are ready to keep your website up-to-date. Click here to get started.

How it can help me increase visitors / customers on my website?

It has been seen that the websites which are updated on regular basis with most recent and relevant business content like product service details, news, recent projects, client testimonials, new banners and images, festival greetings & offers etc. gets more visitors. Google search engine recommends the websites which are updated regularly. This is the best way to get more visitors on your website which helps you get ahead of your competitors. Personal Webmasters make your website google friendly :-)

What are the payment or pricing plans for Personal Webmaster?

We have flexible plans which saves 90% of your website management. Checkout our pricing plans here.

What type of content updates Personal Webmaster can make to my website?

Personal Webmaster keeps your website up-to-date by updating content of all website pages with latest information about your business. The updates includes text, images, banners, offers, news, latest projects, product and services, contact information, blog / articles etc. which is very essential to provide the relevant information to your website visitors.

How Personal Webmaster can provide Chat support to my website visitors?

As an essential part of the “Enterprise plan” the professional webmaster serves as your personal communication Agent, who responds the query of your online visitors in personal attention.

When you make decision to hire our Professional Webmaster, he is asked to get full idea of the business that you run, so that he can respond appropriately to all the queries raised by online visitors on the website.

Professional webmaster prepares a list of some very relevant questions related to the domain and gets answers from the visitor. After getting responses from the visitor, he forwards all those responses to your business people. They maintain a proper communication with the visitor to turn them subsequently into your buyer.

Can Personal Webmaster create new pages on my website?

Yes, this can be done based on Addon service with each plan.